Katrin Valdre's and Sven Saag's paintings exhibition

Tropical Passion


18.07 - 1.09.2020

Summer painting course

in Viinaköögi Art House

Guided by artist Sven Saag and Katrin Saag


Tropical Passion


We fell into the tropical passion this spring in the state of Goias, Brazil.

We had had a good time there for a month, when all Atlantic airlines were shut down for fear of a pandemic.

 Our return flight was postponed to an unknown future.

To our delight, we found ourselves in quarantine in paradise. We were surrounded by colorful sparkling birds, and every morning we were greeted by new and exciting tropical flowers.

We bought paints and brushes from a building shop, made canvases from coffee bags and started painting it all passionately. As realistically as we could. The pictures in the exhibition were born this spring in Abadiania, painting directly in the open air.


Katrin and Sven


NB! The exhibition can be visited with prior notice

6.09.    12.00-17.00

For all those interested in painting!

Kõnnu Viinaköögi Art Gallery invites you to paint! Everyone is welcome to enjoy the summer color palette on Sundays from 12 noon. We paint outdoors, explore nature near and far. Let's talk about intuitive painting techniques!

The course is supervised by Katrin and Sven Saag.

The course fee is 28 € (children 15.-), includes everything necessary for painting (acrylic paints, brushes, the basis of painting, etc.). Paint yourself an painting!

An outdoor café is open.


Please notify us in advance by phone or e-mail.


Tel. 55697818 (Sven)


See you in a Kõnnu!

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