Exhibition of paintings by Katrin Valdre and Sven Saag

29. August - 31. October 2022


Lootsi 10, Tallinn

Exhibition DEVAS


The DEEVAD exhibition is dedicated to the spirits of nature - invisible fairies who playfully and joyfully enrich everything around us. When you paint nature, you will discover at some point that they are also editing your canvas :)

At the exhibition, the plants that have inspired, healed and strengthened us with their beauty have joined the power of our homeland - fireweed, ladys-slipper, monk's-hood (Aconitum) and beauties found in Brazil - hibiscus, passionflower, banana flowers and other exotic plants.

The paintings in the exhibition are mostly our joint creations. Painting together is like cooking together, where each one sprinkles spices on the pan as they pass.

"In our opinion, the painting is alive, it has to start communicating with the viewer. When you start painting, inspiration doesn't have to be there right away, it arises in the subconscious and can come out on the canvas at some point. When you paint a landscape, you notice that familiar places and plants have appeared in the painting, and it can also be the other way around, that while walking in nature you come across a place that is already familiar from the painting, you visit the place in your painting.'' the world. In harmony with the viewer's inner pattern, these works create their own images for each one.

Address: Kochi Aida Kohvituba, Lootsi 10, Tallinn


avatud_triiphoonete ja aedade paev.jpg

Guided by Sven Saag and Katrin Valdre
11. September


Kõnnu Viinaköögi Art Gallery invites you to paint! Everyone is welcome to enjoy the summer colour palette on Sundays from 12 noon.

We paint outdoors, explore nature near and far. Let's talk about intuitive painting techniques!

The course is supervised by Katrin and Sven Saag.

The course fee is 38 € / 28 € second time, children 20.€, includes everything necessary for painting (acrylic paints, brushes, the basis of painting, etc.). Payment on site. Paint yourself a painting!

An home café is open. At our home café we offer lunch,

cake and refreshing drinks.


Please notify us in advance by phone or e-mail.


Tel. 55697818 (Sven)


See you in a Kõnnu!