Sven Saag

My works are produced by scratching layers of paint off the original canvases to reveal new, live and exciting pictures underneath ‒ like a sculptor who releases a figure from a block of stone. 

5.10.1968 was born in Tartu, Estonia
From 1994 works and lives as freelanced artist in Estonia 

1987 - 1988 II Medical Institute in Moscow (Immunologia)

Selecttion of exhibition 

2019   EDUARD WIIRALT ART AWARD, contemporary graphic exhibition,

            The National Library, Tallinn; Estonia

2018   CONTENT, Fahle Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

2018   DEEP LAYERS, Tartu Art House, Tartu, Estonia

2018   FLORA, Kolga Mansion Gallery, Estonia

2018   Spring Exhibition of Estonian Artists Association,Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia

2017   100 DAYS, Jõhvi Concert Estonia
2017   WHO’S IN THE GARDEN? personal exhibition, Kirna mansion, Estonia  

2017   Participation in the international exhibition in Minsk
2017   Spring Exhibition of Estonian Artists Association,Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia

2016   1091, Vaal Gallery, Estonia
2016   LINDA, personal exhibition, Viimsi St. Jaakobi Church, Estonia
2016  TALLINN TEEB TARTUT, Jakobi Gallery, Tartu, Estonia
2016   LABÜRINT, Pärnu City Gallery, Estonia
2016   16th Spring Exhibition of Estonian Artists Association,Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia

2015   HUNTENKUNST 2015, Ulft, Netherlands
2015   AUTUMN SALON, personal exhibition, Viinaköögi Gallery, Estonia
2014   HUNTENKUNST 2014, Ulft, Netherlands
2014   PRIMAVERA, personal exhibition, Ajamaja Gallery, Kuressaare, Estonia

2013   HUNTENKUNST, Ulft, Netherlands
2013   KooS, personal exhibition, Rakvere Theatre Gallery, Estonia
2013   DAS STILLE LAND, Gallery at Sparkasse Plettenberg, Germany
2013   Camaver Kunsthaus, Villa Monastero Varenna Lecco, Italy
2013   Tallinn Art Hall, Spring Exhibition of Estonian Artist Union
2013   KooS, personal exhibition, Estonian House, Helsinki, Finland

2012   PRIMAVERA, personal exhibition, City Plaza, Tallinn, Estonia

2011    Power Of Local, Ennistymon Courthouse Gallery, Ireland

2011    Solo exhibition at Vaal Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
2010   NORDART, KIC, Germany

2010   Baltic II Biennial in St. Petersburg, Russia 2009 N. Roerich Museum-Institute in St. Petersburg  

2008   Baltic I Biennial in St. Petersburg
2007   Vilnius Art Triennial, Lithuania
2007   Art Zürich International, Zürich, Switzerland

2006   Gallery at Arbeit und Leben, Hamburg
2005   Townhall in Plettenberg, Germany
2003   Bastejs Gallery in Riga, Latvia
2002   Estonian Embassy in Riga, Latvia
1999   Townhall in Plettenberg, Germany
1999   Broughton House Gallery, Cambridge, England

1998   Art Center Malõi Manezh, Moscow
1997   Kvartet Gallery, Bergen, Norway
1997   GalleryatHEA,Kiel,Germany
1997   Courthouse in Schleswig, Germany


Grants and awards

1996  annual award of Gallery Tokko&Arrak, Tallinn

1999  bursary of Werkstatt Plettenberg, Germany


From 2001 member of Estonian Artists Association

From 2008 member of Estonian Painters Association

Has works in collection of Estonian Art Museum