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Katrin Valdre

Katrin is inspired by nature. For her, nature is not an object to be painted, but rather beingone with it, feeling nature. Painting is  a journey  of many different worlds at the same time. Like daydreaming. 

Born 30.05.1974 in Tallinn, Estonia
Education 2005 - 2012 Estonian Academy of Arts in eld of ne arts 

From 2012 works and lives as freelanced artist in Estonia.


Selection of exhibitions

2018  CONTENT, Fahla Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

2018  FLORA, Kolga Mansion Gallery, Estonia

2017  100 days, Jõhvi Concert Estonia

2017  Who’s in the garden? Personal exhibition, Kirna mansion, Estonia

2017  Spring Exhibition of Estonian Artists Association, Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia

2016  1091, Vaal Gallery, Estonia

2016  LINDA, personal exhibition, Viimsi St. Jaakobi Church, Estonia

2016  TALLINN MAKE TARTU, Jakobi Gallery, Tartu, Estonia

2016  LABÜRINT, Pärnu City Gallery, Estonia

2016  16th Spring Exhibition of Estonian Artists Association, Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia

2015  HUNTENKUNST 2015, Ulft, Netherlands

2015  AUTUMN SALON, personal exhibition, Viinaköögi Gallery, Estonia

2014  TEMPI MODERNI, La Casa di Vetro Gallery, Milano, Italy

2014  PRIMAVERA, solo exhibition, Ajamaja Gallery, Kuressaare, Estonia

2014  HUNTENKUNST 2014, Ulft, Netherlands

2014  SOUL OF WATER, personal exhibition, Estonian Honorary Consulate, Aalborg, Denmark

2013  KooS, personal exhibition, Rakvere Theatre Gallery, Estonia

2013  95, Gallery Krebsen, Copenhagen, Denmark

2013  DAS STILLE LAND, Gallery in Sparkasse in Plettenberg, Germany

2013  13th Spring Exhibition of Estonian Artists Association, Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia

2013  Spring exhibition of Estonian Artists Association, Museum of Modern Art in Pärnu, Estonia

2013  KooS, personal exhibition, Estonian House, Helsinki, Finland

2012  Shamal, The creative wind, group exhibition, Palazzo Terragni, Milano, Italy 

2012  Soul of water, personal exhibition, BDF gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

2012  BORN FROM WATER, group exhibition, San Nicolau Church, Bellano, Italy

2012  Palette, exhibition of Estonian Painters Union, Jõhvi Concert Hall, Estonia

2012  PRIMAVERA, personal exhibition, City Plaza, Tallinn, Estonia

2012  An annual exhibition of artists group LIQUID, Türi City Gallery, Estonia

2011  2031, exhibition of Estonian Painters Union, Tartu Art Hall, Estonia

2011  POWER OF LOCAL, Ennistymon Courthouse Gallery, Ireland

2011  THE ABSTRACT, an annual exhibition of Estonian Artists Association, Tallinn Art Hall

2011  THE PORTRAIT, exhibition of Estonian Painters Union, Jõhvi Concertn Hall, Estonia

2011  DREAMMORNING, personal exhibition, Noarootsi Teeristi Guesthouse, Estonia

2009  PAINTING 09, personal exhibition, Kalev Spa Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

2009  EFFEL, group exhibition of LIQUID, Metropol Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

2009  MANU PROPIA, international Drawing Triennial, Viinistu Gallery, Estonia

2008  LINE SEARCHES, exhibition of drawings, EKA Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia


From 2015 member of  Estonian Painters Association 

From 2013 member of  Estonian Artists Association 

From 2009 member of artist group LIQUID

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